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Aloe Vera Herb:


Aloe vera herb Bulk OrderLatin name : Aloe vera

Local name : Aloe Vera, Indian Aloe, Ghrutakumari, Gheekumari, first-aid plant, medicine plant.
Parts Used : The leaves, the fresh leaf gel and latex.
Distribution : Organic Aloe Vera is cultivated throughout India. It grows wild on the coasts of Mumbai, Gujarat and South India.

Aloe vera herb Plant Description : Aloe vera herb is a large succulent perennial plant growing up to 1.5 meters in height, with a strong fibrous root and a large stem supporting a rosette of narrow lanceolate leaves up to 60cm long. Aloe vera herb leaves are whitish green on both sides and bear spiny teeth on the margins. The yellow to purplish drooping flowers grow in a long raceme at the top of the flower stalk. Aloe vera fruit is a triangular capsule containing numerous seeds.

Healing Property : The manner in which the Aloe Vera plant heals itself is really wonderful to observe. The leaves have no stalks or woody parts and are kept upright by the water pressure of the gel. A leaf, slashed across with a sharp knife, first spurts out its life-blood as the turgid flesh is opened. A few seconds later the wound films over. The next few minutes a rubber-like, protective coating effectively seals off loss of water. In a short time, the wound heals completely. The plant contains a wound healing substance which accomplishes this.


Benefits of Aloe vera herb :


Digestive System - Aloe Vera herb juice reduces acidity, detoxes, reduces pH levels and alleviates heartburn. Alleviates the Inflammation of the Digestive Tract that is associated with Crohn's Disease.Aloe vera herb also alleviates Constipation.

Immune System - Aloe vera herb reduces fever, prevents detrimental Bacteria, fungus, Influenza Virus, Measles Virus.

Aloe Vera herb gel applied topically accelerates the healing of Canker Sores (Mouth Ulcers); Decubitis Ulcers (Bed Sores); Burns; Herpes Simplex lesions; alleviates the Itching associated with Hives as well as alleviates Sunburn.

Aloe vera herb is used alone or in combination with other herbs for many diseases related to Arthritis, Joint and Muscle Pain, Relieve Gastrointestinal Problems, Coronary Heart Disease, Antioxidant.

Aloe vera herb helps in healing burns and Wound, Anti-inflammatory, Aging of the skin, Immune System Restoration, Moisturizer.

Cosmetic uses : Aloe vera herb has been known to help in anti-wrinkle creams and make up, it is also beneficial for the hair and scalp. Aloe vera is also used in cream, shampoos, conditioners, hair lotions, soaps, facial masks, make-up, lipsticks, skin conditioners etc.

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