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Ashwagandha Herb :


Bulk OrderCommon name : Ashwagandha
English name : Winter cherry
Sanskrit name : Ashvakandika, Ashvaroha

Botanical name : Withania somnifera
Family : Solanaceae


Ashwagandha herb is erect branched and shrubby. The leaves are simple and arranged laterally in pairs on the shoot. The inflorescence is inconspicuous and flowers pale green. The corolla is epipetalous. Fruits are berry enclosed in the green persistent calyx.


Ashwagandha herb Uses :

Ashwagandha herb is regarded as a tonic, alternative and aphrodisiac in Hindu medicine and employed in consumption, emaciation, rheumatism and debility caused by old age. Ashwagandha mixed with honey and butter is recommended for sexual debility. Ashwagandha herb root powder is used in pulmonary tuberculosis, insanity and epilepsy. The fruit paste is used against ringworms chest complaints and leaf paste is an ointment for wounds and serves. Ashwagandha root bark decoction is administered to patients of asthma and other chest complaints by them.



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