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Basil Herb :

Basil herb Bulk OrderBotanical name

Ocimum basilicum L. Lamiaceaee Leaf


Basil herb Indian Names

Assamese : Tetali or Tatuli

Hindi : Imli, Amli

Bengali : Ambli

Gujarati : Ambli

Kannada : Amli, Huli

Malayalam : Puli

Marathi : Chinch, Chincha

Oriya : Teetuli, Koina or Konya


Name in international languages

Spanish : Alba Laca

French : Basilic

German : Basilienkrant

Swedish : Basilkort

Arabic : Raihan

Dutch : Basilicum

Italian : Basilico

Portuguese : Manjericao

Russian : Basilik

Japanese : Meboki

Chinese : Lo-le

Punjabi : Imli, Amli

Sanskrit : Amli, Ambdika

Tamil : Puli

Telugu : Chinthappandu or Chinta or Amlika

Urdu : Imli, Amli

Basil Herb Description :


Basil herb also known as French Basil or Sweet Basil or Tulsi is an erect glabrous herb, 30-90 cm high is indigenous to India. Basil Herb leaves have numerous oil glands with aromatic volatile oil. Basil herb bears cluster of small white lipped flowers in racemes. The freshly picked bright green leaves turns brownish green when dried and become brittle and curled. The major types are American Basil, French Basil, Egyptian Basil and Indian Basil.

Basil herb Uses :


Basil herb dried leaves and tender four sided stems are used as spice for flavouring and for extraction of essential oil. Apart from flavouring numerous foods, Basil herb is used for seasoning in tomato paste products. The sweet basil oil is widely used in perfumery compounds. Basil herb has application in areas of medicine and also used as an insecticide and bactericide.


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