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Product of the week: STEVIA -The Sweet Herb 0% Calorie,100% Sweet,100% natural

Stevia the sweet herb is a gift of mother nature, a wonder substitute for sugar, asparatme etc. It is 300 times sweeter then sugar,has zero calories yet at the same time has no ill-effects of sugar.Meant for dialy consumption especially for people suffering from diabetes, Obese, Dental problems and health concious people.For further information of this miracalous sweet herb procceed to Stevia-the sweet herb



About Ayurveda & Herbs

AyurvedaAyurveda "The science of Life"
Ayurveda is derived from the word ayur meaning "life" and veda meaning "to know".

ImageImportance of Herbs
The World Health Organizationt (W.H.O) Estimated that 80% of the population of developing countries

Hot products:

Ashwagandha - Immunity herb
Regarded as a tonic,alternative and aphrodiasic in Hindu medicine and employed in consumption,emaciation

aloe vera herbAloe Vera - Restoration herb
Aloe vera reduces acidity,reduces fever,heals cancer sores,burns,aging of the skin,moisturizer.

Neem -Bestower of good healthNeem -Bestower of good health
Neem the healer is present in one form or the other in almost 75 % ayurvedivc formulations.

Safed musli - Alternative viagraSafed musli - Alternative viagra
Apart from being used as a natural viagra, it restores immunity ,cures Diabetes,arthritis acts a a vitalizer.