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The World Health Organization(WHO) estimated that 80% of the population of developing countries relies on traditional medicines, mostly plant drug, for their primary health care needs. The demand for medicinal plants is increasing in both developing and developed countries due to growing recognition of natural products, being non narcotic having no side effects, easily available at affordable costs.

Herbs have various effects on our body. Herbs work by supplying the body with many different nutrients that tone and revitalize. Because of their diverse chemical formation, they are effective in small doses and produce few side effects. Some herbs work as general tonics that cleanse, nourish and rebuild on a cellular level. Others have an affinity for a specific system or organ, and may be used to treat related imbalances or symptoms. They work gently and naturally to support the body's own healing process. Medicinal plants are classified on the basis of their action. Keeping in mind their composition they are divided into

  • Doshprashaman (Pacifying the doshas)
  • Dhatupradushan (Vitiating the dhatus)
  • Swasthahita (Maintaining and propagating health)

Herbs help in various functions of the body systems. Like for e.g. the herbs help as an appetizer, they help in the digestive process, they help in the absorption of food etc. Herbal treatment is a gentle, effective and non-invasive form that works best for non-life threatening situations. Herbal treatment can be quite effective if it is used in proper manner. Right herbs should be given for the right kind of disease. Herbs can be used as a preventive medicine. It is used to strengthen the immune system. They may also provide a boost to the immune system when under attack by flu, viruses or bacterial infection. For serious illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, and autoimmune disorders, herbal treatment can serve as a very effective complimentary therapy to allopathic treatment. They provide nourishment and support for the body as it undergoes more intense forms of treatment that may reduce life force. Herbal treatments are available in a variety of forms, for both internal and external use. Internal forms include taking tinctures, teas, encapsulated herbs, fresh herbs, flower essences, and essential oil dilutions. External forms of treatment include using herbal and essential oil blends, liniments, salves and lotions topically, as compresses with heat or cold, in baths, as massage oils or body wraps, and through inhalation. Looking at various aspects of herbal treatment it can be said that that herbal treatment are good in various cases compared to other forms of treatment as it has less of side effects

About Ayurveda & Herbs

AyurvedaAyurveda "The science of Life"
Ayurveda is derived from the word ayur meaning "life" and veda meaning "to know".

ImageImportance of Herbs
The World Health Organizationt (W.H.O) Estimated that 80% of the population of developing countries

Hot products:

Ashwagandha - Immunity herb
Regarded as a tonic,alternative and aphrodiasic in Hindu medicine and employed in consumption,emaciation

aloe vera herbAloe Vera - Restoration herb
Aloe vera reduces acidity,reduces fever,heals cancer sores,burns,aging of the skin,moisturizer.

Neem -Bestower of good healthNeem -Bestower of good health
Neem the healer is present in one form or the other in almost 75 % ayurvedivc formulations.

Safed musli - Alternative viagraSafed musli - Alternative viagra
Apart from being used as a natural viagra, it restores immunity ,cures Diabetes,arthritis acts a a vitalizer.