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Oregano Herb:


Oregano herb bulk orderOregano herb botanical name Origanum vulgare

Oregano herb Family name Lamiaceae

Oregano herb Commercial part Leaf & Flowering top


Oregano herb Indian Names :

Hindi :
Sathra, Mirzanjosh

Malayalam : Kattumaruva

Punjabi : Mirzanjosha

Urdu : Mirzanjosha


Oregano herb description :

Oregano is a perennial herb with creeping roots, 30-90 cm high, branched woody stems and opposite, petiolate and hairy leaves (1.5 cm long). The flowers are pale purple and the flowering period extends from late June to August. Each flower produces four small structures. The foliage is dotted with small glands containing the volatile oil, which gives the plant aroma and colour.


Oregano herb Uses :

Oregano herb is used in meat, sausages, salads, dressings, stews and soups. In food industry, oregano herb oil and oleoresin is used in food and beverages. Oregano herb oil is used in alcoholic beverages and in baked goods. Oregano herb`s most common use is as a spice for pizza`s.


The oregano herb oil possesses carminative, stomachic, diuretic, diaphoretic properties. Oregano herb is used in whooping cough and bronchitis. Oregano herb is also used as an external application for healing wounds. Oregano herb has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties.


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