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Stevia herb: Stevia Rebaudyana

The Sweet Herb

What is stevia - This sweet herb is a

gift of mother nature, a wonder substitute for sugar,Asparatme etc . This is a herbal Medicine with healing values says WHO (world health organization). Meant for diabetic people, Stevia is 300 times concentrated than the Cane Sugar. A very small quantity of stevia will come for a considerable period. which means, if you are using 3 kg of cane sugar per month, then a 10gm of Stevia will equal your monthly needs.

Stevia herb and its other uses


Stevia -'the Sweet herb' , has been identified to have several remarkable uses other than its use as a sweetener.

  • Stevia herb has been found to have strong Anti-bacterial properties.
  • It is used in skin care.
  • Stevia herb prevents tooth decay and promotes dental health.
  • Stevia herb heals cuts and wounds leaving no scar.
  • The use os stevia herb optimizes blood pressure and cures hypertension.
  • Stevia herb helps in weight loss.
  • Helps digestion and soothes gastric ulcers.
  • Stevia herb is effective in the treatment of several viral infections including common cold.
  • Reduces affinity towards alcohol and tobacco.

There are several research papers and articles illustrating each of these uses that Stevia has been found to have.

Commercial Cultivation of Stevia herb - the potential

  • With stevia, you can start earning returns within 100 days. The first harvest is normally due by the 90 th day.
  • Harvesting is possible 4 times every year.
  • Investments are paid back with profits in the very first year.
  • The crop can be harvested until the 5 th year.
  • The Return on Investment in Stevia cultivation is above 100%.
  • The content of stevioside in Stevia plants grown in India is found to be much more than most other countries in the world. Thus stevia grown here is of a higher quality which would fetch higher international prices because of its viability in extraction.
  • Several MNCs in India and outside are fully set to start using stevia to sweeten their food and beverage products.
  • In India, where the incidence of diabetes is very high and increasing at an alarming rate, the domestic potential of a zero calorie sweetener like Stevia is immeasurable.

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